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Income Electrix launches the Income Electrix foundation

Nigeria’s foremost electrical engineering company, Income Electrix Limited has announced the setting up of a community development foundation known as Income Electrix Foundation.

The Foundation is the company’s new community investment strategy premised on a renewed commitment to make a practical, measurable and sustainable impact in the communities served by Income Electrix Limited (IEL). The foundation affirms IEL’s commitment to investing its expertise and resources to help support the communities in which it operates. IEL passionately pursues this commitment by partnering with the community to support initiatives and programs that respond in a meaningful way to community needs and priorities.



We believe that safe and thriving communities make a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and grow; therefore we have put in place several initiatives in the pipeline and believe that over the next few years our neighbors, through licensed charity organizations will feel the effect of our presence through investment in community oriented projects like education, sports, water, healthcare etc.

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