We are committed to making a different in the communities where we work and live

To qualify for a grant, applicant must submit a fully completed grant application form and all supporting documents. Grant application forms can be requested by mail or downloaded from the foundation website.




The Foundation follows the following timelines for its grants and awards.
Applications Due: June each year
Award Dates- November each year.
Grants Periods: January- December


  • Measuring Impact: We are committed to measuring our social investment projects in order to determine how well the company is meeting its social responsibilities and commitments in the community. We do this through a number of accountability, monitoring and evaluation measures:
  • Monitor Outputs and Assess Impact: All groups that receive financial support from the Foundation must submit mandatory reports. These reports must provide both narrative and financial documentation of grant expenditures, successes and challenges.
  • Site Visits: We will encourage site visits and closer engagement of foundation staff with the groups and communities we support.
  • A Community Advisory Council: (a volunteer panel of business and community leaders and experts) setup to provide guidance to foundation.
  • Periodic External Evaluations: conducted by independent consultants that assess the effectiveness and impact of funding toward each specific portfolio.
  • Accountability Mechanism: develop and institutionalize internal accountability and evaluation mechanisms.