We are committed to making a different in the communities where we work and live


The Income Electrix Foundation supports initiatives that promote collaboration with and direct involvement of members of the communities in wheich we do our work. We are interested in open relationships with all our community partners. To qualify for a grant, applicants must:


  • Work with and for the communities where IEL operates- particularly communities needing support in education and scientific research, youth health, water and disaster relief.
  • Have an effective strategy based on participatory community assessment.
  • Community-led and community-based.
  • Have non-profit or community-based organization (CBO) status, with the ability to receive funds under federal and local regulations in Nigeria
  • Have well functioning management, finance and programmatic systems.
  • Must have a local reference from the communities they operate or intend to implement the project.

General Criteria

The Foundation will prioritize direct funding for community based, community-led groups, within the foundation's defined thematic areas.


We receive thousands of proposals for a variety of initiatives, programs and events. While we are impressed by the capabilities and programs of the many volunteers and organizations working to make a difference in our communities, we are focused on specific initiatives that align with our overall priorities.


The Foundation does not generally support:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability
  • Religious endeavors
  • Political, legislative, lobbying or organizations
  • Website development
  • Concerts or other entertainment events
  • Beauty contests, fashion shows or hair shows
  • Marketing sponsorships or cause marketing or advertising projects
  • Organizations that do not have non-profit status in Nigeria