We are committed to making a different in the communities where we work and live

Income Electrix Limited is Africa’s leading indigenous electrical engineering Services firm. The company is building on 20 years of verifiable company experience in the construction of generation, transmission and distribution networks in the West African Power Sector. Through the years, the company has expanded its local community support. Income Electrix is committed to investing time, expertise and resources to help provide practical, measurable and sustainable change in the communities in which it operates.


Through the foundation, Income Electrix passionately pursues this commitment to support initiatives and programs that respond in a meaningful way to community needs and priorities. Working with local community and nongovernmental organizations, we support projects most relevant to community needs.


The foundation supports initiatives focused on:

  • Education: To support scholarships that promote engineering education, grants for engineering research, access to education programs and other education initiatives. The foundation aims to support programs that encourage innovative and sustainable solutions that improves quality of life, creates job opportunities or address specific community challenges.


  • Youth Health: To support programs focused on youth exercise, nutrition and health through support of youth sports competitions, development of sports infrastructure, and community health campaigns. Income Electrix is committed to supporting projects that support youth active, healthy lifestyles through sports and nutrition education programs in collaboration with non-profit organizations.


  • Water: To support access to clean water and community water infrastructure (such as boreholes).


  • Disaster Relief: Through the foundation, Income Electrix provides assistance to organizations that respond to the community when natural disasters strike. The foundation will assist in providing life saving items like water, food and shelter; post disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts.